Thursday, 24 September 2015

SBS 24/9 Written Update

Rinki was shot at the mela by mihika by mistake Are you Confused ???

Show then moves to Scene where ishita reaches a mela to do jasoosi invistigation 
and Rinki's BF places a real pistol there in place of fake one
and when mihika tries to shoot the balloons and insted of fake bullet real one shoted to Rinki's she shocked to see blood coming from her stomach

Anchor says : 
Now You have so many question Like 
q.1 : how did ex boyfriend of rinki know mihika is coming here 
q.2 : how did he know that rinki would hide there behind that balloon game
q.3 :  how did he know that ishita would come here
so it means the master mind was rinki's ex

Anchor angain says :  if rinki actually does die
mihika wouldd marry to mihir
also since  one is sister of ishita and one is sister of raman so differences between ishra would crop up 
rest only producer ekta kapoor knows

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