Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Indiatv Saas bahu aur suspense Segment 22/9 WU

Pics and WU

Written Update  

caption : raman ki Bhishm Pratigyas which means a kind of oath and Bg song jaane nahi denge tujhe from Three idiot

Show start with simmi is lying in hospital fihting for  life 
raman by her bedside holding her hand and abhishek too some police 
Anchor says raman will save simmi from the jaws of death

DT interview :  Bcoz of ganpati festival was full swing and we couldnt find simmi and later found out later she was hospitalized
the person who wanted to harm me instead harmed simmi di
Anchor  saiad unknowingly simmi came between ishita and death
Anchor said ashok is responsible for it 
DT replied  how come media knows more than Shows actor
Anchor asked that now u know its ashok we told you
so what will u do with him
DT says simmi is everybodys fav (jaan) nothing can happen to her

Anchor said ashok is a daily soap villain and nothing could happen to him easily 

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