Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Saas bahu aur suspense 23rd Sep 2015 written update

Raman  ties a thread  on ishita's hand 
and ishra hug n hold hands with Aaj phir tumpe pyar aaya song in bg
raman seems very happy n hugs ishita

then raman gets surrogacy paper signed by ishita without her knowledge
DTs interview : she said i trust my husband blindly i think he would always do everything for my benefit
Raman gives me lot of surprises and i hope this time its a surprise not shock 
then rinki vanished 
abhishek and ishita talked about it
DT Interview : that if ishita is jagga jasus so is ACP abhishek she says rinki is kidnapped and i dont know why
and i am the last person she met before vanished
so i would be under suspicion 

Anchor  says
that rinki will be murdered by someone who wanted to kill ishita but killed rinki by mistake 
ishita wil get the blame and be suspected for it
and bhalla family will break up with caption Mahatwist ki aahat (Big twist ll come )

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